"Top Notch Massage Therapy!  I've been going to Kneading Touch Therapeutic
Massage for the past 13 years.  Becky Gordos and her team are highly trained 
and certified in many different types of massage therapy techniques with many 
years of experience.  The focused Myofascial Release Therapy from Tammy
Grimes has been amazing at breaking up adhesions and softening up scar 
tissues giving me reduced pain my hip with improved range of motion"
Tim Butterfield 

"I have experienced Sciatic and hip pain for years.  Also had trouble with rotator
cuff injury.  Tammy Grimes fascia release therapy has relieved the pain.  I see
Tammy once or twice per month to make sure I maintain.  Thanks Tammy!!"

"Tiffany has done such a good job, I feel like a new person everytime I leave 
after a session.  I've tried others in the past, this is an experience you have to 
try at least a couple of times."
Taylor Thomin

"Tiffany works wonders!  I had severe shoulder pain and had been going to a chiropractor 
for several months without relief.  After a couple visits with Tiffany my pain went from a 9 to a 1!
Now I maintain monthly visits and experience little to no pain!  Highly recommend Tiffany!!  Wish
I would've found her years ago instead of spending 10+ years in pain!"
Tabitha K.

"I have been to a number of massage therapists over the years in search of 
non-prescription medication relief for chronic pain issues. Becky was the first 
to tailor treatment to the specific needs of my body and successfully improve
my problem areas. My quality of life is better because of her help. I highly
recommend her!"
Katrina B.  

"For nearly a week after my massage with Becky, I had zero pain, reduced anxiety and felt 
great.  This is the first time in several years that I could say that I had no pain"
Diana S.   

"The massage with Becky was great and I will certainly spread the word!"
Todd M.  

"Becky, I was totally relaxed when I left your place! Thank you and I do look forward to
 seeing you again. I must have told at least 3 people when I was running errands
 about my wonderful massage and where it is at!! "
Karen P. 

"It was the best massage ever!"
Patty S.